Lolosianipar StoryWith such work load I have lately, I need to make sure that I balance my life with fun time as well as relaxing time, and I thank God for friendship for that! So last week Veni and I had this great idea to go to Ujung Genteng, a small town in West Java, well known for it’s natural landscape, beach and where turtle lay their eggs.  It was just an idea, not a fixed plan yet, the whole the point is we need a break out from this hectic city, to a faraway place. But I don’t really keen of the idea NOT attending Church, so for every weekend trip my rule is to get back to Jakarta before Sunday.  Meaning we gotta go on Friday, to make the most of Saturday. Unfortunately, last Friday wasn’t too friendly for an early vacation realization. I had meeting ‘til 10 pm and then I called Veni, who was already asleep whilst waiting news from me about our departure. But that’s what I love about Veni, she’s a girl who try to make things happen and seldom back-off just because it’s inconvenient. She said let’s go! We’re still ON! The three of us: me, Veni, and the mysterious man – his name I cannot reveal in this story (he’s a fugitive).
bye bye big city
We started the journey at midnight, exactly 12 pm they arrived at my door and we’re embarking the journey in the dark – just like batman, batgirl and another batgirl Hihihi. After an hour on the highway heading out of town, we sort of changed our mind, thinking that it’s a bit unwise to drive 7 hours to Ujung Genteng, just to be there in the morning and then back to Jakarta. It’ll be so tiring for the driver, the Mysterious Man. So, we were changing destination to Sukabumi, a town located still on the road to Ujung Genteng, 3 hours driving, hoping that there’ll be something fun to see in the morning. The road to Sukabumi was not so friendly. It’s not as good as the road I’ve taken to Yogya last year. The trucks were quite many, so slow and sort of careless; the road was derelict at some points. Bottom line it was quite a traffic for out-of-town road on that hour. We arrived at Sukabumi at 3 am in the morning, we found that the city kinda dull (of course, it’s still dark), and we don’t have any choice of a nice and unique hotel to stay that night (yes we’re a picky group of local tourist). We’re going around the city for 20 minutes and feel a bit frustrated from drowsiness and need of bed.  I browsed to find idea where to stay, and found that instead stay at the Sukabumi, we rather drive a bit further to Pelabuhan Ratu and there will be many beautiful resorts there. I convinced my fellow travelers  to –again – change direction, Pelabuhan Ratu we go then.
By God’s grace we arrived at 4.30  in the morning at Pelabuhan Ratu. I was so excited! I’ve been wanted to stay at a resort named Didesa Resort (meaning Village resort) back several years ago.  I heard it is a nice site with kampong style rooms and cottages. Since we’re totally blind roundabout the areas, took us 30 minutes back and forth the main street of Pelabuhan Ratu before we stop right in front of the parking lot of Didesa Resort. It was still dark and we woke up the security guard and the front desk attendance, so we can check in. the place seemed so nice in the darkness. Hahaha. We surveyed the room and decided it’s what we’re looking for! Plus we got a special discount, yay! Supposedly it’s 349.000 rupiah, we got it for 300.300 rupiah, not bad. took us no longer than 10 minutes prep to hit the bed and gone.
In our room! 
I woke up 10 am in the morning due to a nightmare, in my dream I was giving presentation and there were some questions from client that confuse me which – naturally – woke me up instantly, and made me refuse to continue my sleep. Okay, I think works getting into my nerves unconsciously. Afraid that I might miss the breakfast time, I decided to get up and heading to the dining hall. It’s a bright sunshiny day, and the mood built immediately as I opened the door and feel so grateful for the surroundings. I begun to look around.  The room is really nice with traditional setting and interior design, the cement walls, wooden cupboard, natural stone bathroom with bamboo shower and clay washbasin, and it has bamboo ceiling.  The bed is quite big, and the sheet is pretty clean, broken white color, with sort of batik decoration as bed runner. The floor is cemented, with no ceramics, and it has double sliding doors (one glasses, one wood) with a nice white curtain. The facilities are only TV and AC, but all sufficient.
The Green Pool
The dining hall is a conventional big room dominating by wooden furniture and old photos hanging around the place. I can see everything is quite shabby already, like it had its time, and now its abandoned. So thou the design in pretty nice, but the poor maintenance make the whole place bleak, I feel sorry for that. If only I owned the place, I’ll have 1001 ideas to keep it alive. I ordered American breakfast and Veni joined me shortly. The mysterious man also joined us later and the three of us had a nice morning conversation.  Despite the shabbiness of the place, the green pool still looks inviting for me. The weather was so nice, it’s bright but not really hot, I like the air. We finished our breakfast at 11.30 am and rushing back to our room to change into our bathing suit. I jumped first, the water was warm. We took some pics of course. We’re supposedly check out at 1 o’clock, but since not many guess at that time (only 2 rooms occupant actually), no one seemed to care about our existence, even thou we’re quite noisy and treat the place like our own, yelling, dancing and splashing the water around. We’re done packing our things at 2 pm and continue the journey.
Di Desa Resort Main building
Path to our room
Next destination is not too far away – I have a strong urge to see the beach. The Pelabuhan Ratu beach is quite dangerous to swim, so many tourist drowned already in different areas at pelabuhan ratu. 10 minutes driving from hotel, we were pulling over to play on the beach and take pictures. It was soooooo fun! The wave seemed like 3 meters high, seriously look like a wall. The beach is long and desolated. We’re like the only people around who play on the beach, at least on that part of the beach. I definitely had fun! We’re having several nice pictures even its took only with our blackberry (we forgot to bring digicam). O, got some time to practice our kung-fu, it’s been a while but we still got the moves hahaha… check it out!
catch me if you can
me hanging in there…
Watch Out!
Make me Fly dear!
Now that we’re starving, we back to Sukabumi to see what we can do there. I consult one of my friend, Vari –  a real traveler  – regarding what we should eat at Sukabumi. She said we gotta try Tik Tok Restaurant; they serve one of the best Duck in town – Vari said. In fact, Tik Tok is an abbreviations for “itik” and “entok” (seriously, I dunno how to explain the different of the animals, they’re still fall in Duck category for me). The traffic was HORRIBLE!!! Plus there were parade on the street that make it more jammed than ever – I think. My goodness, I didn’t expect I’ll meet traffic jammed there. But it’s not hard to find Tik Tok restaurant since it’s located in one of the main road in Sukabumi. And true, the duck is FABULOUS! We ordered, half Tik Tok, morning glory vegetables, stnyk beans. We’re sitting there around an hour and ready to go back to Jakarta with full-stomach
Tik Tok Entrance
Long story short, we arrived at Jakarta 9.30 pm tired but happy  that we took the chance of weekend gateaway. Thanks to Veni and the Mysterious Man.
our other pics 
our morning faces
Our feet  mark that we were here