SUKABUMI, (Pikiran Rakyat) .- Management Team Tourism Information Center (TIC TP.) Palabuhanratu threatened to resign from the management when the Department of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports (Disparbudpora) Kab. Sukabumi, put distrust of TP performance. TIC in developing tourism in the TIC. Moreover, Disparbudpora tend to assess a variety of concepts and planning that made TP TIC is considered wrong because it has been seen stepping over policy and authority of office. However, based on the assessment without a clear reason. 
“If we are considered one in managing this TIC, whenever we were ready to resign. But before the retreat, we want to hear first where the fault lies and what the reason? Because all this time, the service was never told that assessments tend to be subjective,” said Secretary TP . TIC Palabuhanratu, Yanyan Nuryanto when met in Cikakak, Sunday (13 / 2). 
He said that, although parties have not told Disparbudpora TP.TIC performance error clearly, but according to information on outcomes related to the alleged mistake TIC status as a government asset. In addition, various planning and tourism concept created TP.TIC, considered stepping over the function and authority of office. 
“However, this information is just a rumor we absorbed in the outcome. True or not, wait for the day Wednesday (16 / 2) later. We will deliver a statement of resignation and requested clarity on this issue. In a way, we force the agency to listen Our exposure. For all three times we filed a request for an audience, there is no response, “said Yanyan. 
Related to the problem of TIC as a government asset, he said, the agency questioned about the alleged profit-sharing in the management of the TIC, either in the form of taxes and levies. If the allegations were true, the desire that agencies considered ironic. Because of contractual agreements of cooperation, not at all listed on profit sharing in the management of TIC. 
“The purpose and concept of management of the TIC was not commercial, but at the same time utilizing memungsikan back TIC previously abandoned the shabby and squalid conditions. When the TIC building is used again to encourage tourism improvement district. Sukabumi especially Palabuhanratu, indirectly we have helped the program office, “he said. (A-67/das) ***