By: Syahdan Alam 
KabarIndonesia – As reported in various media, the mass anti President Hosni Mubarak gave a deadline until today (Friday 4 / 2) to “step down” from his post, allegedly triggered a wave of deadlines is the increasing number of mass anti rerzim Mubarak returned to meet the Tahrir Square. 
The impact of this mass wave makes M. Yusuf Alam, a student of Al Azhar University in Cairo home by his family Sukabumi reportedly still trapped inside the building at Masuro along with 79 other students from Indonesia, KH M. Alam parents Yusuf Alam hoped the Indonesian government immediately evacuate her son was. 
“Finally, I contacted via phone, he (M. Joseph) and some of his colleagues admitted that he had difficulties obtaining food. My son really stuck to the bank any transactions are not biased, “said KH Alam when met at his residence Kampung Panyindangan, Selajambe Village, Sukabumi District Cisaat Friday (4 / 2) afternoon. 
Concern also hit Hj biological mother Ai M. Joseph Alam, he went into shock, especially ketinga heard a cannon boom on the sidelines of communications made with his son via cell phone, the owner of Pondok Pesantren Al Hikmah is just bias hope that the Indonesian government take immediate evacuation of his son and 79 other students from Indonesia in Egypt. 
“I just can let go and a lot of praying that my son was saved from a situation that is now happening in Egypt, may he biased kloter brought at last, I was calling for the immediate evacuation of my son and his colleagues,” said Hj Ai. (Alam)