SUKABUMI – OkeZone : Ginanjar, a student of a vocational school in Sukabumi, West Java died after drinking party with three colleagues. One victim called Firman is now in critical condition in hospital Sekarwangi Sukabumi. Meanwhile, two other young men Indra and Riki Police officers were led to investigation further.
Based on Riki and Indra alcohol since they held a party Monday (31 / 1) afternoon in a clump of rice fields not far from the house of Ginanjar.
They mix with the McDonald’s brand liquor drink brand Fanta / Coca-Cola brands and mixing powders Kuku Bima. As a result vast plain, after party of the four youth responsibility was unconscious for nearly two days.
According to Riki, Ginanjar was killed this afternoon when being transported to hospital by his family because the victim was vomiting blood. “This afternoon Ginanjar would be brought his family to the hospital because of vomiting and bleeding,” he said on Wednesday (02/02/2011).
In order to investigate the case, in addition to requesting information Riki and Indra, the police plan to examine the family of Ginanjar tomorrow. (abe) (Wildan Topan / SUN TV / Hri)