SUKABUMI, (GalaMedia) – Hundreds of patients with District General Hospital (Hospital) Sekarwangi, Kab. Sukabumi in limbo following a strike by hundreds of hospital nurses. As a result of this action a patient Mrs. Desi (19), resident district. Nagrak, Kab. Sukabumi reportedly died. 
Information obtained “GM”, Tuesday (1 / 2) states, the strike lasted from Monday (31 / 1) and the peak occurred on Tuesday (1 / 2) morning. In the action, the protesters that the majority of nurses are requesting an increase well-being of hospital management. 
The impact of the strike, nearly all the room left by the nurse-patient. They prefer to mingle with other nurses to conduct demonstrations at the hospital. Automatic neglected patients. Disturbingly, the patient was neglected up to six hours. How not, almost all the room there was no nurse on duty. 
In the action they requested that hospital management is gradually improving the welfare of the nurses. They assess the current salary does not meet district standards Minimum Wage (UMK) Sukabumi Rp 850 thousand per month. 
During this time the salary received from the hospital management is only Rp 600 thousands / month. Though there are already employed between three to five years. “must be Fair, if we as a nurse drew attention to the welfare of the hospital management. Moreover not a few, among us who have worked three to five years,” said a protester, Agus when met “GM” on the sidelines of the action, yesterday . 
In order to find solutions related demand improved welfare of these nurses, the hospitals negotiated in the hall. The dialogue was attended by Vice Regent Sukabumi, Drs. H. Akhmad Jajuli lasted quite a lot, but led to a decision acceptable to employees. 
The management of the hospital promised to immediately improve the welfare of the nurses. However, they still will provide salary as before. Improved well-being given in another form, namely benefits tailored to achievement, loyalty, and dedication to work. 
Sukabumi Vice Regent, Drs. H. Akhmad Jajuli hoped an agreement between the hospital and the nurses can be the best. Simultaneously drive the spirit of the nurses. “Sukabumi regency will try to pay attention to the welfare of the nurses as a whole,” he said. (B.118) **