Sukabumi – PikiranRakyat : A total of 13 students netted in raids Satpol PP Sukabumi, Tuesday (2 / 2). Razia scooped it to students who are in internet cafes (cafe) during school hours. A total of nine students boys and 4 girls still wearing school uniform when netted Satpol PP.
Irfan, student grade 2 SMP Negeri 1 Warung Kondang Kab. Cianjur found was busy surfing the internet during school hours. He claimed to play truant because of dizziness with the lessons that accumulate in the school.
“Especially out affairs with BP Affairs with BP (Student Guidance). Well just skip to the cafe,” he said after Satpol PP picked up from a cafe in the area Jln. Sudirman Sukabumi, Tuesday (2 / 2).
He claimed do not want to repeat was absent. “Not bad sorry,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ical Grade 3 SMP Muhammadiyah admitted that he had come home from school. Because there is one thing, the students sent home early. “Already this home before,” he said.
He admitted often spends his free time in the cafe. In at least three days a week he spent in the cafe after school. Average for 2 hours. “end to approximately Rp 5 thousand. you do not know if I often play in the cafe, but if the mother knew,” he said.
Students were then taken to the Office of Satpol PP to be recorded and given a briefing before they are sent back. (A-170/kur) (Chess Ratna Wulandari)