SUKABUMI, (PikiranRakyat) .- Two of the victims of human trafficking from Kab. Sukabumi sent home each Tuesday (1 / 2) night. They are Mulyani (35) resident RT 4 RW 6 Desa Lembur Sawah Kec. Cicantayan Kec. Cicantayan and Irawan (23) RT 5 RW 4 Desa Pasir Suren Kec. Pelabuhan Ratu. 
Both were sent home after the team picked up by the Task Force on the Prevention and Handling of Crime of Trafficking in Persons (P2TP2O) Jabar in Malaysia on Tuesday (25 / 1). 
Mulyani said, in October 2010 and then he departed illegally by someone who claimed to have been versed in the delivery of overseas labor. Therefore, he believed the time was offered a job in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 
Without going through the Indonesian Labor Service Company (agency), Mulyani dispatched to Malaysia, the passed-shift gears from one person to another until the master’s house. “There was never given any training. Two days after can be a passport, leave immediately,” he said when met at the Regency Hall. Bandung, on Tuesday (1 / 2) night. 
In Malaysia, he moved up to three times the workplace. In the third employer he fled because not fed since his arrival. 
“After four days, I was not strong anymore. Finally I escaped. I’m heading for the mosque. And then rescued man is delivered to the Consulate (Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia) in there,” said Mulyani. 
Not a penny salary he enjoyed while working there. One time he received a salary of Rp 300 ringgit was taken by his agent. 
“When I asked at the consulate whether to prosecute this case, I do not want to. The important thing is my home,” he said, which was housed for 1.5 months at the consulate.
Chairman of the Integrated Services Center of Women and Children (P2TP2A) Kab. Sukabumi Elis Nurbaeti said during 2009-2010 was 28 cases of trafficking are dealt with by the agency. 
He hopes that these cases be a lesson for all parties so that similar incidents do not happen again. “It needs a strong partnership between government agencies to address the trafficking problem that has become a phenomenon of this iceberg,” he said. (A-170/A-26 ).***