SUKABUMI, (PikiranRakyat) .- Dozens of nurses and midwives in hospitals Sekarwangi Kab. Sukabumi with the status of Honorary Power Off (THL), a strike because of the inequity salary they receive. Salary is considered inappropriate as the abuse of his profession as a nurse and midwife.
According to representatives of nurses and midwives THL Sekarwangi hospitals, nurses and midwives educational backgrounds Diploma 3 (D3) receives a salary of USD 600 thousand. The number was lower than that of THL high school graduates, which is Rp 750 thousand.
“We already know that it pay a small honorarium. But the problem is there is a difference with those who graduate from high school. This insult to the profession, “he said on the sidelines of the action on page Sekar District Hospital. Sukabumi, Tuesday (1 / 2).
According to him, educational background should be the main consideration determining the salary. With so payroll is felt more fair.
Working lives of nurses and midwives it varies between one to six years. Agus said, in the first year he worked in hospitals Sekar, he received a salary of USD 750 thousand, but the following year declined to Rp 600 thousand per month. (A-170/kur) Ratna Wulan / “AP”