For you fans of beach tourism, tile Ujung Genteng is one beach resort that deserves to be visited. Particular season you get a peek at the current turtle lay eggs. It is said that at this beach too, you can go fishing to catch lobster, the shrimp was pretty tasty.
Located in South Sukabumi – West Java, a trip to the beach Edge tiles can be taken for approximately 3 – 4 hours from the town of Sukabumi using private vehicles. You should be visiting there to prepare himself with gasoline ‘tank full’.
Tile Ujung Genteng Beach real similar to the other beaches that lie on the southern coast of Java, but .. You will feel a different experience while enjoying the beautiful beaches with white sand extend.
If you want to spend the night here, the area offers tile Ujung Genteng villas that can be rented per night. One of the villas that can be reference is Amanda Queen villas. This villa and I recommend that the villa has complete facilities including a swimming pool. You can choose one of the comfortable villa to relax with family / peer to peer. The price is too varied and still be affordable. Photo villa following is one of the villa with 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen that can be hired by USD 600 thousand per night. Simply beautiful is not it?
Well .. from one corner of this villa, you will be treated to views of the river estuary, which is the meeting of the river’s edge with great sea.
You do not have to worry about not getting the experience a memorable trip to tile Ujung Genteng Beach. Because to get to this beach you will cross the mountain road winding with the green landscape on either side of the road. Really interesting (Yegenaga.Org)