SUKABUMI, (PikiranRakyat) .- Chairman of Community Care Law and Human Rights (MPH and Human Rights) of Sukabumi, AA Brata Soedirja support the incorporation referendum was held territory to the City of Sukabumi. Referendum wishes of the people residing in the district of Sukaraja, Sukalarang, Kebon Pedes, and Cirenghas (Susukecir) is very necessary realized. Therefore, the Local Government (Government) of Sukabumi Regency no longer avoid to promptly respond to such a referendum.
Especially with such a step can be known whether people want to join or not with the administration of the City of Sukabumi. “The referendum can invite people over there to determine the choice,” he said.
When the results of the referendum stated the majority of people want to join, said AA Brata Soedirja, then the government and politicians Sukabumi district to respond. Moreover, this desire, the desire of citizens to obtain services towards better. “They were never against the will of the people. Because the people’s voice is the voice of god, “he said. (A-162/kur) ***