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SUKABUMI, (PikiranRakyat) .- Regional SAR Coordination Forum (FKSD) Kab. Sukabumi will provide education and basic training to middle and high school students after district. Sukabumi on search and rescue efforts (search and rescue) in natural disasters. Basic education and training activities will be held mid-March, in cooperation with the Department of Education (Disdik) Kab. Sukabumi and other related institutions

“With this basic education and training, students are expected to be familiar with the basic techniques of the SAR so that it can be submitted again in the school environment including the community,” said Chairman FKSD Kab. Sukabumi, Okih Pajri, S.Ag., when met in beach Citepus Katapangcondong, Ds. Citepus, Kec. Palabuhanratu, Sunday (13 / 2). 
According to him, students who will participate in education and training in basic SAR, the limited five representatives from each school. They will be chosen from the student who is active in Intra School Student Organization (OSIS). “Because they were used to organize, it is hoped they can quickly understand the material provided. Hopefully, this material can be conveyed back to the other students,” said Okih. 
It is said, students will be given material about the ways emergency rescue when the occurrence of natural disasters on land and at sea. By understanding the rescue technique, it is hoped they can avoid the disasters that can minimize the potential for casualties. At a minimum, with education and training in basic SAR, they can save himself when landslides occur, flood, earthquake and tsunami. 
“For evaluation based on previous marine lacquer case, it was not a few local residents who can swim the sea became victim laka (marine accidents.) Last year alone, there are seven residents Palabuhanratu who had died from drowning in the sea. Now, with education and basic training this, they can find a number of locations where dangerous at the same time can save himself, “he said. 
Okih added, when the students understand the ways the rescue during a natural disaster, they can convey more to the people in her neighborhood each. “Possibly, these students could eventually become the embryo rescue volunteers to provide relief to the people in the neighborhood,” he said. (A-67/das) ***