By: Ellyzar Zachra P.B
INILAH.COM, Jakarta – Observer analyze technology in Sukabumi kuntilanak video uploaded to YouTube a while ago and had horrendous. As a result, the video is fake!
According to Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, when interviewed INILAH.COM, impressions on YouTube and spread on the BlackBerry has a variety of irregularities.
First, when an empty rocking chair was recorded and suddenly appeared a ghost, visible changes in the composition. “This means the look of it changed with the technique paused,” he said.
In addition, there are four people in the room. During a frenzied existence of ghosts, video recorders seemed very panicked, but did not sound panic a little child and two others.
“Only the voice of the father who pretend as if nothing happened and did not see anything,” said the man who nicknamed this Abah.
Then, at minute 1:55 when the ghosts appear and disappear at minute 1:56, the voice actors sounded truncated. In addition, the background image changed. It shows evidence of editing.
After the ghost seen in the chest at 4:50 minutes back, who previously looked panicked recorder to record the image is now in peace.
“Under normal circumstances, changes in content does not change the composition. But here a few times it happens and the voice of the perpetrator is always cut during a time of change,”said Abhimanyu. [vin]