, Sukabumi: Having had disappeared for 11 days, Eem eventually found dead at poultry farm in Kampung Mangkalaya wells, Village Cibolang, Thunder Mountain District, Sukabumi, West Java, on Wednesday (2 / 2).
Residents are curious flocked to the scene to see firsthand the bodies Eem. The bodies of victims that have been inflated, took out the smell was terrible to make people have to shut down their lives. A few moments later, Sukabumi district police came to the scene to evacuate the victims.
Adj Sukabumi Adjunct Criminal Police Commissioner Polsi Engkus Kuswara said it wanted to immediately evacuate the victims. However, he added, the location of wells located in farm fields that citizens be an obstacle to lifting the victim.
The victim eventually managed to evacuate to the upper wells in the middle of a fairly heavy rain. His body was taken to the hospital Syamsudin to investigate the cause of death. (ADI / Yus)