TEMPO Interactive, Sukabumi – Family Alam, one of the parents of students of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, from Sukabumi, West Java, admitted scared for the children. Because, his stock is low, while there is no bank that opened today in Cairo. Though there is no certainty when he had a turn for evacuation. 
Couples Alam and Ai, the people of Kampung Salajambe Cisaat Sukabumi District, West Java, this can only be resigned to know the current situation in Egypt. His son, Maulana Yusuf Alam who is studying at the University of Al-Azhar has not been evacuated. 
“My son was trapped along with 80 other students from Indonesia in the area Masuro. He and his colleagues trapped and unable to exit the building,” said Alam in Sukabumi, on Friday (4 / 2). 
Meanwhile, a student from cianjur, Iwan Zaenal Arifin provide confirmation that the number of students from Sukabumi, about 40 people among 80 other students were from Indonesia. 
It is said Alam, when called, his son said, conditions that became the basis Masuro opposition activists worried. Especially at this time nearly exhausted their supplies. “Transactions through banks can not, while food prices in the shops so expensive, and difficult,” said Alam. 
While her mother, Ai, can only cry heard from her son. “I expect my government to evacuate children and another 80 students are currently trapped in Masaro,” Ai said, sobbing.