SUKABUMI, (PikiranRakyat) .- Nurhadi Prasad (20), tourists from Bogor, lost in Nambo Beach Waves, Kec. Cisolok, Kab. Sukabumi, on Monday (31 / 1) at 8.15 pm. Although since the morning had done a search by a number of members of the Water Police Unit (Satpolair) Wil. Palabuhanratu, but the victim’s body Kp citizens. RT Bojongeni 03/RW 03, Kel. Tegalgundil, Kec. North Bogor, Bogor City that, until now still not been found. As for the characteristics of victims, among others, wearing a white singlet shirt, black shorts, height 165 cm, cropped black hair and brown skin. 
“Although up to this afternoon the victim’s body has not been found, but a number of our members still do a search on the scene (scene) in Nambo Beach, Cisolok. To this day, his quest to sweep the ground by two of our members, Brigadier One, Asep Solihin and Brigadier One, Dena. For tomorrow, we’ll just do a search at sea by using one unit of rubber boats (inflatable boats) around the scene. Hopefully, the bodies of the victims could immediately be found, “said Wil Kasatpolair. Palabuhanratu, Adjunct Commissioner at the headquarters of Amran Kusnandar Palabuhanratu Satpolair on Monday (31 / 1). 
According to him, the sea laka incident began when the victim was in the shower and swim at the beach with two friends, namely Hendrik and Randi. When they’re busy bathing and swimming at the beach, suddenly a big wave that hit came third. In that incident, Nurhadi directly dragged into the middle of the ocean waves until eventually disappear swallowed by the waves drowned. While Hendrik and Randi, managed to save themselves by swimming to shore. 
Genesis laka sea, continued Amran, was reported by two friends of victims, namely John Paul Base and Soni Revelation Saputra. They also have notified the incident to the families of the victims in Bogor. “From their testimony, the victim with an entourage of friends as much as eight people, had come to the Cisolok for recreation at the beach. They were all students. However, we do not yet know the name of the campus, “he said. 
Separately, Chairman of the Regional Rescue Coordination Forum (FKSD) Kab. Sukabumi, Okih Pajri, S.Ag., say, after hearing information about marine lacquer, the institute directly reduce the number of members to help search conducted Satpolair officer Wil. Palabuhanratu. 
“Search efforts today, for while we are conducting on the ground with the lower four members, as well as determine the location of the dictum (the sinking of the victim). Starting tomorrow, then we will conduct searches at sea around the crime scene, using one unit congkreng fishing boat, “said Okih. (A-67/das) ***