SUKABUMI, (GalaMedia) – In order to reveal suspected cases of withholding funds Udrus quake in the village of Binangun, Kec. Kadudampit, Kab. Sukabumi, Sukabumi Police have now been collecting information and data (pulbaket and puldata) into the field. 

Such a move is made to follow up on complaints related to any alleged case of earthquakes funding cuts allegedly involving unscrupulous Village Head (Kadesh) Udrus Binangun, Jat and Chairman of Community Groups (community groups) initials As. 
“We are still collecting information and data to prove any alleged case of earthquakes funding cuts in the village of Binangun Udrus,” clearly visible Criminal Police Sukabumi, AKP Engkus Kuswaha when confirmed “GM” in Mapolresta Sukabumi, Jln. Pioneer Independence, Sukabumi, on Sunday (30 / 1). 
In order to confirm suspected cases of this earthquake funding cuts, he said, it is now still collecting data to the field as well as request information from a number of citizens who feel aggrieved by the alleged cuts. 
According to him, after the information and data reinforce the existence of this alleged fraud, it will request information from a number of witnesses who can confirm if the earthquake is an indication of funding cuts. “Therefore, we are now still continue to strengthen the information and data in the field related to the alleged withholding of funds of this earthquake,” he said. 
Kadesh Udrus Binangun, Jat when met “GM” after the dialogue with citizens on Saturday (29 / 1), denied that he and community groups have made funding cuts for 35 people quake aid recipients in the village of Binangun Udrus. He also clarified, money amounting to Rp 3 million from the recipients of the earthquake aid is a grant of each recipient. 
“So please be clarified, it is not cutting. But the allowance of money from the victims of the earthquake that pure grant. Please see the evidence hibahnya statement of each beneficiary,” he said. 
When asked dikemanakan money amounting to Rp 3 is, he admits, a grant from the earthquake victims has been distributed to other earthquake victims whose homes were slightly damaged and the elderly. 
“Proceeds from the provision is given to individual journalists, NGOs, district officials and other concerned authorities. Please check it out the evidence. Thus, these funds are not eaten by us as a village,” he said, showed evidence of spending money. (B.118) **