BANDUNG (Bisnis Indonesia): PT Bakrie Toll Road toll targeting the completion of several projects in 2014, each Pejagan-Pemalang sections I and II, the Batang-Semarang section V, and Ciawi-Sukabumi section I. Managing Director of Bakrie Toll Road Harya Hidayat expressed today toll project execution stage of land acquisition is being undertaken in partnership with central and local governments through the Land Acquisition Team (TPT) and the Land Procurement Committee (P2T) in each toll project. 

Land acquisition at the link-Pemalang Pejagan section I along the 14 km already reached 75%. In section II, along the 7 km reach 35%. Toll road sections I and II will take the path Pejagan-Tegal. 
In section V on segment Batang-Semarang, Semarang-Ungaran namely (10 km) has only reached 5% and land acquisition section I Ciawi-Cijeruk (14 km) at the link Ciawi-Sukabumi reach 10%. 
“We are targeting all of the land acquisition process completed in 2011 and continues on building construction in 2012, and the toll project is completed in 2014,” he said last weekend. 
The length of toll-Pemalang Pejagan total 57 km, divided into four sections. Batang-Semarang total length (75 km), divided into five sections. Ciawi-Sukabumi Toll Road (54 km), divided into four sections. 
He pointed out the main purpose of completion of these projects because its realization is extremely urgent. 
“Traffic congestion in these areas was so severe as in Lido Sukabumi,” he said. 
On the other hand, the toll that dibandung it will be connected with the toll that has been there before. 
Pejagan Toll-Tegal will continue Kanci-Pejagan. Toll section I Ciawi-Sukabumi toll Jagorawi an extension. As well, Toll-Ungaran Semarang Semarang-Solo toll road extension. 
Harya optimistic about the realization of the project on schedule given the land acquisition process in each project runs smoothly. 
On the other hand, until recently a national banking syndicate to fund the three projects are still committed to support the development funds. (By Yanto Rachel Alexander )